How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business…According to Men



• 95% of Fortune 1000 firms are led by men.
• 92% of the top earners in the United States are men.
• 83% of boardroom seats are represented by men.
• 85% of executive officers are represented by men.

Nationally acclaimed author and award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Bergquist set out on a mission to ask men what they think women do that sabotages their success in business.

Most business books for women are written by women. There are books by women who have overcome great obstacles. Women have written best-sellers sharing their leadership journey to greatness. Still other books showcase successful women and describe how they advanced to senior-level positions.

Since men currently hold the power positions in business and industry, has anyone ever asked men what they think women should do to advance in business?

How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business provides honest, practical, credible advice on how more women can advance in business.

You’ll learn how to:
• Play the game of business
• Show results
• Get your brag on
• Search for mentors and advocates
• Know and describe your worth
• Be visible so you get promoted
• Speak up and be noticed
• Turn your ask on
• Support other women for advancement
• Be you and learn to adapt


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