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Jenelle Kim Headshot

Dr. Jenelle Kim

Dr. Jenelle Kim, DACM, L.Ac., is founder & formulator for JBK Wellness Labs. Dr. Kim is carrying on the medical knowledge and wisdom of her lineage, which is rooted in the teachings of the great Dr. Heo Jun (1539-1615), a royal doctor of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).  Dr. Heo Jun compiled the Dongui Bogam, a 25-volume medical encyclopedia, that was completed in 1613, with its basic theories based on the Yellow Emperors Inner Classic (Huangdi Neijing). Dr. Kim is the first female in her lineage to hold the treasury of her family’s proprietary Bi Bong® formulas that have been passed down for centuries and the first to share them on such a large scale.

In order to preserve the medical history of her family and to further her love of medicine and her understanding of the human mind and body, Dr. Kim received her Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. She is honored to have studied and practiced abroad training with some of the most respected doctors and herbologists of our time.

Dr. Kim is devoted to integrating the medical wisdom and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern technology in order touch and positively affect the lives of others. She is dedicated to her role of empowering women to be everything that they wish, and her mission to create a better world for the generations to come.

Dr. Kim raises her children in Southern California and travels at home and abroad speaking on topics of Eastern medicine and philosophy.

Dr. Kim is commited to educating through public speaking and has been featured in publications, including Forbes, Allure, Pop Sugar, and Good Morning La La Land. She is proud to serve as a leader in the field of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Like other well-respected practitioners of medicine, she is deeply dedicated to caring for the human mind, body, and spirit.

terry monkaba pic

Terry Monkaba

Terry Monkaba received her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Rutgers University and her master’s degree in Business Administration from Oakland University.

Following ten years, as a corporate photographer for a major defense contractor, Monkaba made the switch to non-profit and has been with the Williams Syndrome Association since 1990, serving as regional director, Board member, Board President and since 1995, Executive Director.

During that time, she has had the privilege of helping to grow the Association from a small parent-run support group with a $20,000 budget to a thriving non-profit with a $1.7 million budget supporting more than 5000 families nationwide.

Jennifer shen Headshot 2018

Jennifer Shen

Jennifer Shen is the Crime Laboratory Director for the San Diego Police Department.

Jennifer has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from UCSD, Revelle, and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science from National University where she served as a Core Adjunct Professor, teaching Crime Scene Investigation in the Forensic Science Master’s program at National University.

Jennifer has been in the field of forensics for 29 years, starting as a laboratory aide in a private laboratory doing drug testing for the San Diego Police Department on a contractual basis.  She moved from laboratory aide to contract supervisor in a year, and worked full-time supervising the toxicology unit while going to National University at night.

As a San Diego Sheriff’s employee, Jennifer worked as a Toxicologist, specializing in drug chemistry and alcohol analysis. She was hired by the San Diego Police Department 24 years ago, and worked as a Trace Analyst, Crime Scene Reconstructionist, and Supervising Criminalist over the Crime Scene Reconstruction Program and Forensic Chemistry Unit prior to her promotion to Crime Laboratory Director.

She has overseen the implementation of a new Forensic Technology Section, International Laboratory Accreditation, the publication of a cutting edge DNA extraction process for fired cartridge cases, and the implementation of a one-of-a-kind ShotSpotter program.

Jennifer is a regular public speaker, having presented in Mexico, England, as well as in several states.  She is an avid beach volleyball player, happy wife, and mother of four college students.

Jennifer williams headshot

Jennifer Williams

Jennifer Williams was born in Redwood City, California in 1982, and moved to Hertfordshire, England in 1985. She started her education in academics and in horsemanship at the tender age of 3. She spoke with a British accent until the age of 7 when she moved to San Diego, California because she didn’t like the extra attention it drew. She dreamt of being an Olympic Showjumper until her parents said she had to go to college instead.

At 18, she went to Seton Hall University –- a school that was just about as far away from San Diego as she could get. She was an anomaly there because no one knew why someone would want to leave Southern California for Northern New Jersey. Her friends lovingly dubbed her “Cali”. Not surprisingly, Jennifer received excellent grades, and graduated with a degree in marketing and management in 2004.

Since she had a college education and her dreams of being a professional showjumper were extinguished, she started working for the family business. That started her long affiliation with the pharmaceutical advertising industry. She moved from editorial to project management, and from project management to business development.

Along the way, she was steadily promoted, and became a senior project manager, a director of client services, and helped her company sell millions of dollars worth of business. She served many client accounts for Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Why was Mark so successful at selling? One of his colleagues said it best (and she didn’t mean it as a compliment): “When you think a particular book is important, you’re messianic about it. You won’t stop.”

In 2017, Jennifer was tired of corporate life, so she set out as an entrepreneur and started her own corporate event business. She continued to serve clients in the healthcare industry for two years. During this time, she also wrote her first book, Emerging from His Shadow – her story about living with a narcissistic father.

She also served as the Board President of Hanna’s House, a non-profit, serving families working through family break-ups, from 2017-2018.

In 2019, Jennifer was offered a wonderful opportunity to go back to corporate life and accepted an Account Supervisor position with SCOUT Marketing, an Atlanta based Advertising Agency with offices in San Diego.

She lives in San Diego, California with her amazing husband, Sam, their three Jack Russell Terriers, Maggie, Turtle, and Mona, and their rabbit Sir Phil-hop Antbunny Hopkins.

Lizzie Wittig Headshot

Lizzie Wittig

Lizzie Wittig is Susan G. Komen San Diego’s Director of Mission and Public Policy. Lizzie has been instrumental in growing Mission Programs and Community Resource Development in San Diego. In Public Policy, she has chaired the Advocacy Alliance in San Diego for several years and currently chairs the Komen California Public Policy Committee (KCPPC).

She is a Cancer Rights Legal Advocate; a long-time volunteer and advocate for women’s health issues and has been part of Komen San Diego for over 10 years. In 2017 and 2018, Lizzie led the KCPPC in its efforts to pass landmark legislation that opened unprecedented access to breast and cervical cancer screening, diagnostic and treatment services for Californians.

Lizzie’s passion for breast cancer and women’s health advocacy began in 2003 when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lizzie received her BA in Literature and English Education from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2008. With a desire to someday work as a breast cancer and women’s health advocate, she entered Law School at California Western School of Law when she had the opportunity to realize her personal and professional dream by joining the Komen San Diego team.

Lizzie’s Mom passed from breast cancer in 2009 – but that was six years longer than her original prognosis. Her life was extended thanks to a Susan G. Komen-sponsored clinical trial. Lizzie is passionate about this cause – and she has put that passion to work for the mission.

Outside of serving her community, Lizzie loves to travel with her husband and puppy and appreciates every opportunity to take advantage of San Diego’s iconic weather by playing beach volleyball most months of the year and snowboarding in the winter.

john burroughs

John Burroughs

My name is John Burroughs.  I am a senior mortgage consultant with Skyline Home Loans.  I have been originating real estate loans since June of 1983.  Before becoming a loan officer I worked in landscape construction, built houses and also a few roads and highways along the way.  I was also employed in the restaurant business and even helped build one of those too from the ground up.  In addition, one of my favorite endeavors was being an integral part of a commercial hot air balloon company in the state of Nevada and most recently worked in the hospitality industry in casino operations before starting my mortgage banking career.

As the youngest member of a career military family I grew up all over the United States ending up in the San Diego north coastal area on my third time around. Besides my beloved Lake Tahoe days there is nowhere I’d rather live and thrive.

I am very proud and honored to have been named a 7-time recipient of the San Diego Magazine Five Star Lender Award for professional excellence in customer service.

I absolutely love what I do because I get to see the real tangible benefits and the joy my clients feel while navigating one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetimes. My team and I understand that the real estate financing process can be exciting but also challenging, complicated and sometimes a little scary.  That is exactly why our main focus is to clearly define the goals at hand and guide our clients through to a successful closing each and every time.

I have helped literally thousands of families with home financing needs from 1st time home buyers, seniors’ reverse mortgages, private money loans and sophisticated investors handling the more complicated commercial transactions or estate planning needs.

I can be heard broadcasting on these and many other money matters weekly on the Wednesday edition of, The Word on Wealth.  KCBQ / AM 1170 from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. and KPRZ / AM 1210 from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

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