The #1 thing to kickstart (or reboot) your speaking to attract many more ideal clients is… to book yourself to speak!


Even if you don’t have a signature talk yet (or it’s not where you want it to be).

Even if you’re not completely clear on your offer.

Even if you’re still deciding on your niche.

Even if you feel shaky about speaking, or you don’t feel “ready.”

Because when you book yourself to speak–on a podcast, an interview series or a Zoom networking group–you have a date, a deadline to work towards.

Having a date to work towards gets you out of the “When I get my talk really polished and put together, then I’ll put myself out there more and book myself to speak.”

Nooooooooo. Book a date, and then you’ll have a very compelling reason to create or polish your talk (and get support for putting it all together).

It doesn’t have to be THE big speaking opportunity of the century. We’re not talking Oprah, the TED (or SUE!) stage, or a big networking group, unless you’re ready and wanting that.

It could be something small: a podcast interview with a friend or colleague or gathering 10 of your biggest fans and supporters in a Zoom room to share your wisdom and a simple call to action.

That’s exactly how I started nine years ago: 10 people in my chiropractor’s waiting room. And I got clients, even though I wasn’t a very polished or confident speaker in those days.

Saying “yes” to speaking and booking yourself to speak is saying a big YES to you and your desire to be seen, to be heard and to receive an abundance of clients, money and opportunities in your business. Are you in?


About Your Columnist

Rebecca Massoud is a featured columnist for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers all things speaking, visibility and client attraction for women entrepreneurs. Rebecca inspires thousands to share their brilliance on stage as a speaker coach. Her clients courageously step into the spotlight with a soulful signature talk, attract their ideal clients with ease, and double (or triple!) their revenue, as they unapologetically say “yes” to being seen, heard and highly visible.


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