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How do you Define Speaking Into Existence? Join us on Women Lead Radio, as Shelly Harrison, your host of Amplify Your Influence, has a conversation with Glenn Bowie, Author, and CEO of Glenn Bowie Speaks, as they talk about The Art of Speaking Into Existence, Empowering others to live happier and more productive lives.

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After three decades in the wireless industry as a top sales consultant, Glenn Bowie is now paying it forward to help others reach their goals and dreams. He serves on the board of directors for The Tournament of Roses Foundation and Pasadena City College Foundation. Glenn also serves as an LA Area Chamber Ambassador and has been volunteering with the Chamber for the past 10 years. His greatest accomplishments in sales was becoming one of the first to achieve 8 straight years in a row as the top performer in the most coveted President’s Council including earning over 200 awards for outstanding leadership and consistency in sales for Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile. Glenn has launched his sales training presentation called “Rise to the Top” that takes you through 7 selling stages to help sales executives increase your revenue.

Along with all of Glenn’s personal and professional accomplishments, Glenn is the Founder and CEO of his own motivational & inspirational speaking company, Glenn Bowie Speaks, Inc where he continues to share his story and make a difference in people’s lives. Glenn is currently thankful and blessed to have his book out on Amazon called “The Art of Speaking into Existence” which chronicles his personal and business life of how he has embraced the Art of his tagline – Speaking into Existence. From the projects to prosperity, life lessons learned along the way. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

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Shelly Harrison is your host of Amplify Your Influence, a lively show featuring speakers, authors, and presenters who are on the cutting edge of TOP LEVEL success in their speaking business. This show will bring you intriguing people across the country who have successfully Amplified their Influence on stage, television, and other media platforms. Shelly is relentless at deep-dive conversations with her guests to uncover the “How to” in the speaking industry that others are desperately searching to understand. Specializing in representing speakers across the country, Shelly is the CEO of her own Speakers Agency, Luminary Leaders, which goes beyond the bookings to support speakers in all facets of their speaking business.

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