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Have you ever tried to change your perspective by flipping your thinking? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Eileen Gaffen, your host of Reputation and Influence, has a meaningful conversation with Lindsey Roy, a corporate executive, wife, and mother, who shares her insights and her new book The Gift of Perspective: Wisdom I Gained from Losing a Leg and Two Lungs.

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Lindsey Roy has twice needed surgery to save her life. The first, a leg amputation after a traumatic boating accident and the second a double lung transplant after being diagnosed with a rare and progressive disease which constricted the blood vessels in her lungs. These experiences, coupled with her natural gifts for speaking and writing, have created a passion in Lindsey to tell her story in the hopes of helping others tackle whatever obstacles life throws at them. She is Senior VP Strategy & Brand at Hallmark, where she is leading various initiatives and groups—many of which draw from the lessons shared in The Gift of Perspective.

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Eileen Gaffen is your host of Reputation and Influence, a show that explores how women business leaders built their reputation, resilience and resources to become influential leaders. Eileen is President of Steres Gaffen Media, offering strategic communications and public relations services to leaders and businesses looking to inspire, influence, and improve communications effectiveness with their organization’s core audiences to increase engagement and profitable revenue.

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