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Have you ever noticed that others are beginning to make assumptions about your abilities, skills, or knowledge based solely on your age?  Join us on Women Lead Radio as Marilou Ryder, your host of Ageless Ambition, has a conversation with Dr. Patricia Clark White, Dean, School of Education, Retired, of University of Massachusetts Global (formerly Brandman U.), as they delve into the remarkable journey of this 83-year-old woman who defies ageism and consistently achieves remarkable professional longevity. She serves as a beacon of inspiration and guidance for women seeking professional growth, proving that age should never be a barrier to success.

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Dr. Patricia Clark White served as Dean for UMass Global (formerly Brandman University) School of Education from 2020 to 2023, and previously as Associate Dean, responsible for designing and implementing a creative, future-focused doctoral program in transformational leadership. She assumed leadership of the School of Education during a time of great turbulence, and focused on providing caring and supportive leadership for faculty and staff. She has enjoyed positive collaboration with faculty on program innovation, working together on professional development initiatives, and providing support for exciting grant writing activity.

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Dr. Marilou Ryder is your Host of Ageless Ambition, a show that celebrates women who defy age stereotypes and pursue their ambitions, regardless of age. She’ll be talking with remarkable senior women who break barriers, challenge assumptions, and live their best lives. The show will explore the unique challenges and opportunities facing women as they age. Guests will share stories of grit, resilience, and determination. Dr. Ryder is a university professor and author of the SISTER TO SISTER book series for women and girls. She is devoted to helping women to build an ageless future and unleash their ambitions, one conversation at a time.

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