Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lag behind their enterprise counterparts when it comes to cloud adoption. And while cloud-based productivity apps like Office 365 have steadily grown among these smaller companies, legacy software continues to be used. Below are some of the most crucial and game-changing benefits SMBs have reported after investing in cloud solutions.

Companies that move to the cloud make more money. And not by a small percentage, either. SMBs that invest in the cloud report up to 25% growth in revenue. Lower up-front capital costs, like the high cost of hardware and software licenses. Plus, resources are saved on software upgrades, energy costs, and underutilized computing resources.

Unparalleled business flexibility, cloud software allows small businesses to always remain on regardless of location. The ability to be productive on any device provides the flexibility required to adapt quickly to changing information and business needs. This means more agile operations and happier customers.

Cost-effective scalability. SMBs need increased flexibility to grow and scale without hassle. With the cloud, as an SMB adds users, generates more transactions or adds more data, services dynamically scale to manage workload.

Improved collaboration, cloud-based workspaces offer more effective cooperation. Cloud computing allows teams to be productive, regardless of their location. This enables businesses to provide flexible working arrangements that create healthier work/life balance and happier employees without sacrificing productivity.

Superior security and data protection. Small businesses are the most common victims of security breaches. Businesses reported security benefits they could not achieve with their previous on-premises resources. Laptops get lost or stolen all the time. In addition to the replacement costs, the loss of critical or sensitive data is even higher. However, data is available and protected when storing and backing up data in the cloud, regardless of what happens to personal devices.

SMBs now have cloud software available to operate all business operations from a single, connected solution infused with AI and advanced analytics. Moving to the cloud provides SMBs with access to enterprise-class technologies. Allowing for improved customer satisfaction; faster innovation and increased revenue.

Ready for the cloud yet?

About Your Columnist

Francine Otterson is a featured columnist for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence. Francine is an enterprise and SMB IT veteran with over twenty-five years of experience, and was awarded Microsoft MVP for expertise in Microsoft Office. She is the owner of Service Desk West, Inc, an IT Service Provider focusing on the SMB sector, offering comprehensive business technology solutions and delivering Microsoft 365 Cloud expertise to the community via interactive consultation services.

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