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According to Grandview Research, a recent ICF survey found that 43% of people have used a coach in the past and 22% of those who have never used a coach say they are likely to use life coaching in the future. Join us on Women Lead Radio as Daniel Olexa, your host of Inspired Being, has a conversation with Lisa Finck, Owner of Certified Life Coach Institute. As a couples coach and coaching instructor, Lisa is inspired by empowering her clients and students to be personally powerful. Learn about Lisa’s love of ‘light bulb moments’ when her client’s realize the answers truly are inside of them.

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Lisa is the Owner of Certified Life Coach Institute and brings a vast wealth of experience as a practicing Certified Relationship Coach. Her extensive training in the field of relationship coaching includes learning under Barbara De Angeles, John Grey, John Gottman, Michelle Weiner-Davis and some of the most famous specialists in relationships. She has been happily married for 35 years with two beautiful children and two granddaughters. To Lisa, family, friends, and humor are what energize her and while she has a kind and gentle soul, Lisa is not about to let anyone push her over. Self-reliance and resilience have always been her foundational principles, even at a young age. She has over 500 coaching training hours and over 10,000 coaching hours. She has been teaching life coaching since late 2011.

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Daniel Olexa is your host for Inspired Being, a show about recognizing and remembering your deepest sense of self, so you can honor who you truly are and what you truly need in life. When our sense of our being is aligned, our actions (our ‘doings’) will shift from drudgery and obligation to empowerment, excitement, and opportunity. Daniel interviews inspired leaders to explore the moments when their awareness shifted, the challenges they faced, and how their breakthroughs now create their impact in the world.

Daniel Olexa, PCC, CIHt, is the founder of Transcendent Living. He is an ICF-credentialed coach, 3-time Amazon #1 Bestselling author, life coach trainer, keynote speaker, and award-winning hypnotherapist. He serves international clients from his office in Sonoma County, CA.

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