I have the good fortune to network with many working women. When discussions turn to health and fitness, conversations can take on an edgy tone. It’s hard to fit in a workout during a full-time day plus at work, taking care of family and all the other obligations women sign up for in life. And finding time to make nutritious meals is darn near impossible. Let me offer a few ideas from which to choose.

Fitting in fitness:
 This is a tough one, but with discipline it really works! Early mornings, before the kids are up, head out to the local gym. If early mornings don’t work, take the late shift.
 Buy an elliptical machine for the home or office. You can buy a decent one for $200-$300. Again, early mornings or late nights are good times to fit working out into your life. Another
option is to take your workout clothes to the office and jump on just before heading home. The shower awaits!
 Have dumbbells on-hand. Do some light lifting while talking on the phone or reading an article.
 And don’t overlook walking as a great way to get some cardio in and burn some calories. Lunchtime or anytime is a good time!

Eat well, be well!
 When making Sunday dinner add a few marinated chicken breasts to the grill or oven. They are easy to cut up and throw into salads for the week.
 When cooking dinner make enough extra for lunch the next day. Don’t forget the kid’s lunches. Add an apple or banana for lunch made easy!
 If eating out with associates is frequently on the menu, go online and make a healthy choice before arriving at the restaurant. This helps you stick to your goals.

The main thing is to plan ahead for food and fitness. Planning meals for the week ahead, creating the grocery list and having all the ingredients available will lower the temptations to stop for fast food. Laying out gym clothes the night before will help get you out of bed and moving the next morning!

Staying healthy is the best way to maintain the energy needed to get life done!

About Your Columnist

Susan Doherty is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers how companies can create a culture of health in the workplace along with tips on how busy professional women can stay healthy during hectic times. She shares insights from her long career in the health and wellness industry to offer organizations best practice tips on creating a culture of health in the workplace. Susan is the owner of Action Ergonomics and specializes in risk prevention for workers in the office environment, solving a major barrier to productivity and performance.

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