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Join us for our Women Lead Webinars, as we hear from Gunilla DeSanto, Owner and Designer of Deluxe Decor by Design.  Our Thought Leader shares with us that the 2018 “Life At Home” report by IKEA, uncovered a growing trend that, remarkably, almost 40% of Americans don’t really feel “at home” in their homes. Instead, they use a network of spaces and places outside the home to find privacy and “alone time”. But today, thanks to COVID-19, that is no longer an option.
People now need their homes to be a place where they can escape the ever-increasing craziness of the world. People now have an immediate need to feel safe and grounded in their homes, of being content in their surroundings, and feeling in control over their living space – in short, to make their home a sanctuary.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed your meeting and agree, the caliber of the group was several notches above the typical networking events. The women made efforts to draw one another into the conversations and are generous in sharing their knowledge and contacts. Kudos to you for starting and maintaining such a quality organization!”

Teri Hudson – Senior Vice President
Capital Bank


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