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Michelle Berquist

Michelle Bergquist

How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business…According to Men

• 95% of Fortune 1000 firms are led by men.• 92% of the top earners in the United States are men.• 83% of boardroom seats are represented by men.• 85% of executive officers are represented by men.Nationally acclaimed author and award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Bergquist set out on a mission to ask men what they think women do that sabotages their success in business. Most business books for women are written by women. There are books by women who have overcome great obstacles. Women have written best-sellers sharing their leadership journey to greatness. Still other books showcase successful women and describe how they advanced to senior-level positions.Since men currently hold the power positions in business and industry, has anyone ever asked men what they think women should do to advance in business? How Women Sabotage Their Success in Business provides honest, practical, credible advice on how more women can advance in business.You’ll learn how to:• Play the game of business• Show results• Get your brag on• Search for mentors and advocates• Know and describe your worth• Be visible so you get promoted• Speak up and be noticed• Turn your ask on• Support other women for advancement• Be you and learn to adapt

Pattie Vargas

Pattie Vargas

The Resilience Factor Is Your Superpower (Women Taking Charge (Leadership)

Adversity is humbling. When we put together the strategic plan for our life, we don’t include milestones of suffering: here’s where I lose my job; around here is where my house burns down: But without hardship, our humanity is lacking. There’s no depth to the relationships we have with others.When our circumstances shift—and they do—we are confronted with the realities we’ve ignored and the dreams we’ve neglected while we’re busy living our lives. In this book, Pattie Vargas teaches you how to learn and grow—and emerge victorious.

Kathy David

Kathy David

New-School Leader: New-School Leadership Ideas
to Help You Increase Your Leadership Abilities

The traditional models for leadership are quickly becoming outdated in our ever-changing world. It’s time for a New-School Leader! New-School Leaders are agile, well-rounded individuals who are adaptable, self-aware, and intentional. They understand that to be successful, they need to be well-developed in every area of their life and they are willing to invest in themselves to accomplish that. New-School Leader is both inspirational and informative, providing strategies to help you increase your leadership capacity and activate your leadership success. The 206 ideas contained in the book offer insight, wisdom, sustenance, and direction for your New-School leadership path.

Rashim Mogha

Rashim Mogha

Fast-Track Your Leadership Career: A definitive template for advancing your career! Women Taking Charge (Leadership)

While American women hold 52 percent of all professional-level jobs, only 20 percent hold executive, senior leadership, and management positions in U.S. high-tech industries. As a woman of color, I know the frustration and devastation of being passed over for a leadership position. And I realized that just exceeding my performance goals would not land me a leadership role. So I created an integrated strategy for career advancement. Fast-Track Your Leadership Career provides a template for creating that integrated strategy. You’ll get concrete examples on how to identify your superpower, build your brand, invest in yourself, navigate work politics, and build a support system that will propel you along the road to your success.

Bethany Kelly

Bethany Kelly

Become a Successful Published Author (52 Tips)

These tips launch you, step-by-step, on the proper trajectory toward writing and publishing a book–everything from coming up with a concept that sells and setting yourself up for success in writing to attacking the editing, book covers and style; understanding the publishing process; getting your book seen on Amazon; and engaging in shameless self-promotion. Publishing expert Bethany Kelly gives you her best tips, gathered through years of experience. In this easy, short read, you will gain: •An overview and understanding of what goes into the process of becoming published•A boost of confidence that you (yes, you!) can do this•A plethora of tips that will support you in becoming a successful, published author.

Women Lead Publishing

Women Lead Publishing

Mistakes to Avoid in Building a Business (52 Tips)

This tips book gathers years of expertise from women business owners. Within its pages you’ll find tips on how to promote your business, ideas that increase your dollars and profits, and thoughts on how to let go and grow your business. There are tips on uncovering opportunities in your business, common-sense advice to play it safe, how to own your worth and know your value, and even experiences in how to lead people, partners, and advisors more effectively. Shared by women owners and for women owners, you’ll gain: * Ideas to increase your business’s profits and performance. * Experiences that otherwise would take a lifetime of learning * Insight from women owners who have been there and done that * Wisdom that will save you time, money, and effort so you can build a more successful business.

52 Tips

Becky Launder

Build a Thriving Direct Sales Business (52 Tips)

These tips will take you step-by-step through the direct sales journey, providing a solid approach to build a thriving business. Learn how to set your business up for success; make a splash as you launch, market, and promote your products; serve your customers; and grow your leadership team. Direct sales leader Becky Launder gives you her best tips, which she uses daily to grow her direct sales business. In this easy, short read, you will gain:• A clear formula to step into your direct sales business with ease• Actionable tips for you to stand out from the rest• A road map for building your business and team with confidence

Lizzy Renee

Lizzy Renee

52 Tips: Using CBD for Your Health and Wellness

This book will help you navigate the complicated world of CBD in an easy-to-read format packed with great information to bring you clarity on the topic. The tips clear up the confusion about CBD, providing the understanding and awareness you need to get started on your journey. You will learn about the benefits of CBD, how to find high-quality product, and how much to take, while learning important safety and legal information. In this easy-to-read reference guide, you will learn the: * Basics of CBD and how the body’s endocannabinoid system works* Details of how to shop for high-quality CBD* Client testimonials, describing the wide range of ailments CBD relieves

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