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How often do you take time to understand how values affect you on achieving Financial Goals?  Join us on Women Lead Radio as Michelle Bergquist, steps is for Barbara Eldridge, your host of Trend Setting Women, and has a conversation with Lenka Holman, Certified Financial Educator of WealthWave (https://wealthwave.com/lenkaholman), where they will discuss how recognizing your purpose and values affect your financial decisions.

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Lenka Holman is a financial professional with WealthWave (https://wealthwave.com/lenkaholman), the “How Money Works” company who embraces the philosophy that investing is about more than balance sheets. Earnings translate to experiences, memories, and ultimately a Life WORTH Living that’s unique to each investor. Lenka’s achievements as an 20-year industry leader include recognition in Forbes Magazine as a top performing family investment advocate. In addition, Lenka has mentored teams of up to 60 agents and continues to develop new associates today. Lenka gifts clients with her compassion and the understanding that balancing the seasons of life is just as important as increasing investments.

About Your Host

Barbara Eldridge is your host of Trend Setting Women, a show about women owners who play the game of business and never give up. Barbara, the President & Founder of Mind Masters, has built a solid reputation as a Success strategies specialist, within industry and business over the past 40 years.  Her unique message, since starting Mind Masters 30 years ago for entrepreneurs and small business owners, continually stresses vision, purpose and values as the key elements of business philosophy.  Her undying compassion for the entrepreneur’s journey, her tireless capacity to listen, and her sincere enthusiasm for other’s success have insured her growing influence and her own mastery with MIND MASTERS.


Michelle Bergquist is the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, as well as your host of Women Leading the Way, a show about women taking charge, navigating successful careers, and building business enterprises. Women Leading the Way shines a spotlight on how women flourish, thrive, succeed, persevere and lead the way in business and in the workplace. Michelle is a passionate advocate for advancing women in business and believes more women can and should lead the way in business, industry and enterprise. Connected Women of Influence (CWI) is a national, invitation only association where women owners, executives and professionals connect, collaborate and cultivate a vast network of high-level affiliations, resources and professional relationships.

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