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Business IS Personal (what you do and why you do it… MATTERS!)

Show Guest:
Caroline Mankey – Lawyer & Partner 
Cypress, LLP

Your Show Host:
Shawn Marie Turi – Owner & Coach


Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Shawn Mari Turi, your host of Business is Personal (aka: what you do and why you do it… REALLY MATTERS!), interviews Caroline Mankey, Lawyer & Partner of Cypress, LLP.

“Having it All” (in life + career) is certainly a subjective idea. When it comes up in conversation, it’s clear… ‘Who’s a fan and who’s a critic’. Whatever side of the conversation you land on, there’s no doubt, women are talking about it, being more honest and unapologetic and sharing what they truly want to have, do and experience and ‘this’ is a conversation you’re going to want to be part of.

Caroline will be sharing her ideas and practices for what ‘having it all’ means to her. She’ll also talk about how she maintains and even successfully nurtures her own identity and autonomy, while working for a firm and partnership, as well as how she makes herself and her firm known in an undeniably competitive and crowded industry. The conversation promises to be lively, authentic and radically honest and Shawn Marie will ask Caroline…  “Can women really have it all?”…. “What does she think it takes to land big clients? …. and of course …. “Does ‘Business IS Personal’ resonate with her and if so…. why?”


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