A few years back, I went to Big Bear Mountain with family during the off season.

We took our bikes to enjoy some mountain biking. I had at the time, don’t laugh, a Huffy bike from the 1980’s. I decided, in my adventurous spirit, “Oh hell, I can bike down Big Bear Mountain!”. I get not even 50 feet and I start sliding on the gravel on a 45-degree downgrade. Panic set in. What am I going to do? I was so scared. But I could not just stay here; I have to get down. So, I changed the channel in my head. “I can do this! Own this bike! See it happen”, me conquering this mountain. I didn’t waste time. I envisioned myself riding down, I could see it. In a split second, I took off. I focused on the path ahead, not the gravel, not the daunting drop or majestic view, just the path. Keep moving. Do not look at the trees.

Many times, I get asked, in my professionally career, how did I accomplish what I had. And it always bewildered me how to answer. Of course, it’s about having knowledge, being professional, working hard, be organized, be passionate, be tenacious, networking, & never giving up on your dreams. But everyone does that. There was something else I did, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Until it dawned on me. Just like riding down Big Bear Mountain, I focus on the path not the obstacles. That is how I was successful. My dreams, my passions, light up like a path. I can see it clear as day. I still see the obstacles, but they are in my peripheral vision, and I conquer each one, one by one.

If I had looked at every obstacle at the beginning, it would have seemed impossible. Daunting. But when I finally get to the goal, I look back at all the trees I maneuvered around and smile.


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Monique Guzman is a featured columnist for Women Lead, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers her keys to success. Monique Guzman is a designer & artist. For 11 years, her latest brand, She handmade, a zero-waste line, one of kind, and mixed art with fashion. Her aim was make her client’s feel beautiful in their skin & save the planet. She took her label down the runways of Portland, New York & London.


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