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“Dating is shopping.” The Power is in Your Hands. If you love men and you love shopping, tune in! Join us on Women Lead TV as Ana Nieto, your host of Manifesting Magnetic Mindfulness, has a conversation with Lumari, Intutive Life Coach and Creation Catalyst, as they talk about Lumari’s book “Shopping for a Man” and focus on tips and tools on how to help women find their man or maintain their fulfilling relationship, while focusing on their career as well.


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Lumari is a gifted, internationally acclaimed Intuitive Life Coach, Creation Catalyst, and Conscious Channel, and Divine Messenger for Alawashka®, the Original Vibrational Source of Creation. She is an award-winning and bestselling author of numerous break-through spiritual, metaphysical and self-help books. For over twenty-five years, she has coached and guided thousands of Visionary Leaders, Creatives, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Change Makers to create the High Vibe shifts to align with their Higher Soul Callings. She delights in mentoring her clients and community to Create The Bigger Vision and make a positive difference in our world.

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Ana is a trained nurse, personal trainer, nutrition specialist, Health and Wellness International Certified Health Coach and the creator of the Mindful Online Workouts, the Mindful Online Gym and an AFP (Art of Feminine Presence) and AMP (Art of Masculine Presence) Certified Teacher. She has worked in the Health and Wellness field for more than 20 years. She started in New York where she co-founded a personal training studio in Manhattan. She has also managed and started farmers markets both in New York and San Diego, as part of her mission to create intentional communities. Ana’s expertise and passion has lead her towards helping transformed hundreds of people all around the world, not only how they look and feel, but also to transform their body, mind and spirit. She strongly believes that balanced energy is the key to physical and spiritual success.

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