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Have you ever felt selfish when you asked for what you want or need? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Dianne Callahan, your host of The Lighthearted Life, has a conversation with Susan Goodson, Life and New Beginnings Coach of Riverbank Coaching, and author of three books, including “When God Whispers….: Lessons Learned in my Quiet Moments”. They will talk about living life with more ease, balance and grace especially when starting again. A few of the questions they will explore are why it’s important to honor your yeses and your nos. How can you have boundaries and still be kind and loving? Whose voice is in your head guiding your choices – is it yours or someone else’s?

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Susan Goodson retired as a Mary Kay sales director in April 2022 after 41 years in leadership. She is a published author and artist. Susan began her training as a life coach in 2018, three months before the unexpected death of her mother. She completed her training nine months later and has been coaching women through transitional points in their life’s journeys ever since. Susan is married with three adult children and 8 grandchildren. She is exited to help more women grow, find their voices, be brave and create the next chapter of their lives.

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Dianne Callahan is your host for The Lighthearted Life, a show that explores how people choose to live in joy and purpose during the sunny times and even during the stormiest times. Join us for inspirational conversations with authors and thought leaders on creating a meaningful life by doing good work that matters, investing in relationships, building resilience, stepping out in courage, and having fun in love and work and life! Dianne Callahan is a 3-time cancer survivor, author, high performance coach, philanthropist, and founder of Lighthearted Life.

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