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Did you ever wonder how you could use Agile focus to improve your business operations? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Jennifer “JJ” Jank, your host of Brain Power Up!, has a conversation with Jennifer Yates (JJAY), Founder & CEO of Roux, on making business operations humane for you and your company.

About Your Guest

Jennifer Yates is a Business Operations Leader who focuses on the human experience of work. She energizes growing businesses with success metrics that matter: increased expertise, understanding, creativity, connection, freedom, fulfillment, retention, and relief. She has 30 years’ experience with early and late-stage start-ups, SMBs, and a $4 billion global corporation. She built a business that failed & closed, built business algorithms, developed systems and processes, nurtured relationships and teams, and, with co-founders executed an interactive, arts-based event. She transforms people’s work – their creativity, their art, their brilliance – inspiring them to get loud, think bigger, and to embrace their authenticity.

About Your Host

Jennifer “JJ” Jank is your host of Brain Power Up!, a show that helps women be more effective at work so they can reclaim their time and spend it with friends, family, and hobbies. JJ is the Chief Brain Hacker at Productivity Injection, which is dedicated to helping business owners create impact with their businesses, while still enjoying the good things in life outside of work. All of her work is based on neuroscience and the power of the human brain. She’s excited to keep learning, including from guests on her podcast.

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