There are a lot of quirks with the new sick leave law but one aspect affects a form you (hopefully) are using… the Non-Exempt Wage Theft Prevention Notice.

This form was called the “Non-Exempt New Hire Notice” when it was introduced in 2011. The idea was to give employees the information needed to ensure they were paid correctly. However, the original name confused people because you are required to give this notice to hourly employees both when hired and again whenever their pay changes.

You must personalize each copy because the form includes the employee’s hourly rate for regular, overtime, and double time. Save yourself time by entering the other information on a master copy:
• Your company’s legal contact information;
• Your worker’s compensation insurance information;
• Your pay period; and
• Now, thanks to the sick leave law, it must include sick leave info.

You might think you’re getting off easy if you haven’t been using it because no fines or penalties are attached to it. But you’d be wrong. NOT using it is taken as a sign that your company is just not trying to be compliant. I know, I know… that’s irritating because California does nothing to inform you of all these pesky forms and laws.

If you haven’t been using the form, start immediately. If you are using it, make sure it’s updated appropriately to include the required sick leave language. Having to deal with various required employment forms can be a pain in the neck but that’s better than a pain in the pocketbook!

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CJ Westrick is a featured columnist for Women Taking Charge, the official blog of Connected Women of Influence, where she covers all things human resources and managing people in the workplace. CJ Westrick, SPHR, has been in human resources (HR) management for over 20 years and has maintained her SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) national certification since 2002. She started HR Jungle, a human resources consulting firm, in 2006 to provide senior-level HR expertise to businesses without internal HR.

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