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Marilou Ryder is your host for Ageless Ambition, a show for anyone who believes that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and achieve your goals. Today, women continue to face numerous challenges in leadership roles, particularly regarding ageism.  Whether you’re a senior woman business owner, professional looking for a change, or a retiree looking to explore new passions, this show is for you.  Marilou will talk to inspiring individuals who have defied age stereotypes and accomplished incredible things in their personal and professional lives. They will also provide practical tips and advice for staying motivated, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your ambitions no matter your life stage.  Get ready to embrace your inner drive and unleash your full potential!  Let’s start the journey together!

Dr. Marilou Ryder is a university professor and author of the SISTER TO SISTER book series for women and girls. She is devoted to helping women to build an ageless future and unleash their ambitions, one conversation at a time.

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