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Ana Nieto is your host for Manifesting Magnetic Mindfulness, a show that enlightens us on how to awaken and master your superpowers so that you can create anything you want and desire in your life!

Ana is a trained nurse, personal trainer, nutrition specialist, Health and Wellness International Certified Health Coach and the creator of the Mindful Online Workouts, the Mindful Online Gym (www.mindfulonlinegym.com) and an AFP (Art of Feminine Presence) and AMP (Art of Masculine Presence) Certified Teacher.  She has worked in the Health and Wellness field for more than 20 years.

Ana’s expertise and passion has led her towards helping transform hundreds of people all around the world, not only how they look and feel, but also to transform their body, mind and spirit. She strongly believes that balanced energy is the key to physical and spiritual success.

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