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kimberley ausgood

Kimberley Ausgood

Kimberley Ausgood is your Host of Smart Money Moves a show about your financial health and well being. This show deals with helping women take command of their finances. The show will look at topics such as, budgeting, credit, loans, debt management, and insurance. The show will also deal with retirement planning and ways to reduce your taxes.

Kimberley is a Certified Financial Education Instructor with more than 15 years in the insurance and financial services industry. She has a passion for teaching financial empowerment.

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Personal Branding - Business Heashots by TRUE BLUE Portrait.

Michelle Bergquist

Michelle Bergquist is the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, as well as the Founder of Women Lead Radio and your host of Women Leading the Way, a show about women taking charge, navigating successful careers, and building business enterprises. Women Leading the Way shines a spotlight on how women flourish, thrive, succeed, persevere and lead the way in business and in the workplace.

Michelle is also the host of Rising Stars, a series under SUE Rising Radio, a show about emerging teenagers and college age women, who are quickly striving to make their future mark in business, industry and entrepreneurship as they navigate their road to success. This show leaves you inspired and energized by the tenacity of the next generation of rising stars and upcoming leaders.

Michelle is a passionate advocate for advancing women in business and believes more women can and should lead the way in business, industry and enterprise. Connected Women of Influence (CWI) is a national, invitation only association where women owners, executives and professionals connect, collaborate and cultivate a vast network of high-level affiliations, resources and professional relationships.

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john burroughs 2023

John Burroughs

John Burroughs is your host of Financial Fitness a show about real estate and finance that breaks down the walls surrounding the complicated and sometimes overwhelming content.

As a senior mortgage loan officer with American Pacific Mortgage, John is passionate about guiding others through a seamless and transparent home buying experience. John absolutely loves what he does because he get to see the real tangible benefits and the joy his clients feel while navigating one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetimes.

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Inspirational Speaker for SUE Talks by Connected Women of Influence.  Photography by Stefanie Blue

Dianne Callahan

Dianne Callahan is your host for The Lighthearted Life, a show that explores how people choose to live in joy and purpose during the sunny times and even during the stormiest times. Join us for inspirational conversations with authors and thought leaders on creating a meaningful life by doing good work that matters, investing in relationships, building resilience, stepping out in courage, and having fun in love and work and life!

Dianne Callahan is a 3-time cancer survivor, author, high performance coach, philanthropist, and founder of Lighthearted Life.

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2023 Barbara Eldridge

Barbara Eldridge

Barbara Eldridge is your host of Trend Setting Women, a show about women owners who play the game of business and never give up.

Barbara, the President & Founder of Mind Masters, has built a solid reputation as a Success strategies specialist, within industry and business over the past 40 years.  Her unique message, since starting Mind Masters 30 years ago for entrepreneurs and small business owners, continually stresses vision, purpose and values as the key elements of business philosophy.  Her undying compassion for the entrepreneur’s journey, her tireless capacity to listen, and her sincere enthusiasm for other’s success have insured her growing influence and her own mastery with MIND MASTERS.

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susan goodson 2023 3

Susan Goodson

Susan Goodson is your host of Our Stories Matter, a show about the healing that happens, not just for us but for others, when we come out of hiding and share our raw, real, authentic stories.  Susan and her guests will discuss why we should stop hiding behind the shame of our secrets and free ourselves to be the amazing human beings we were born to be.  It’s time to get real. Listen to the power of our stories.

Susan is an Intuitive Clarity Coach and Published Author, with Riverbank Coaching.  She retired as a Mary Kay Sales Director, after 41 years in leadership, to pursue her passion as an intuitive clarity coach for women. She loves helping women find their courage to speak up, tell their truth, and own who they want to become.

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2022 Cheryl Guidry

Cheryl Guidry

Cheryl Guidry is your host of Health is Wealth, a show that delves into all things women’s health as she leads lively yet educational conversations with other health and wellness guests to share the scoop on the latest health care trends, giving you actionable tips that empower you to take an active role in your health.   Cheryl is a very passionate woman’s health advocate who believes as entrepreneurs we all can have a thriving business and live fun active lives throughout our lifetime without compromising our health, if we educate ourselves and take intentional actions to make it happen.

Cheryl is a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner, the founder of Safe Dating over 50, Certified life/Relationship Coach, Best-selling Author, and CBD advocate for Green Compass.

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Shelly Harrison 2024

Shelly Harrison

Shelly Harrison is your host of Amplify Your Influence, a lively show featuring speakers, authors, and presenters who are on the cutting edge of TOP LEVEL success in their speaking business. This show will bring you intriguing people across the country who have successfully Amplified their Influence on stage, television, and other media platforms. Shelly is relentless at deep-dive conversations with her guests to uncover the “How to” in the speaking industry that others are desperately searching to understand.

Specializing in representing speakers across the country, Shelly is the CEO of her own Speakers Agency, Luminary Leaders, which goes beyond the bookings to support speakers in all facets of their speaking business.

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JJ Jank 2023

Jennifer JJ Jank

Jennifer “JJ” Jank is your host of Brain Power Up!, a show that helps women be more effective at work so they can reclaim their time and spend it with friends, family, and hobbies. What’s good for your brain is good for productivity! You’ll get tips about working WITH your brain to boost productivity that you can start using immediately. You don’t have to work longer (or harder), but you can find out how to work smarter. Join us for real talk from thought leaders and executives who achieve their goals without putting in more hours at their desks.

JJ Jank is the Chief Brain Hacker at Productivity Injection, which is dedicated to helping business owners create impact with their businesses, while still enjoying the good things in life outside of work. All of her work is based on neuroscience and the power of the human brain. She’s excited to keep learning, including from guests on the podcast.

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Leesa McNealy

Leesa McNealy is your host for SpotLite on Recruiting, where we’ll discuss best practices, tools and tips of recruitment for organizations looking to hire great talent. Whether you’re a business owner, hiring manager or recruiter, join us and learn from client entrepreneurs and HR professionals in the field.

Leesa is the Founder and Managing Director of SpotLite Recruiting, helping growing organizations find the diverse talent they need to successfully scale.

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Marilou Ryder 2023

Marilou Ryder

Marilou Ryder is your host for Ageless Ambition, a show for anyone who believes that age is just a number and that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and achieve your goals. Today, women continue to face numerous challenges in leadership roles, particularly regarding ageism.  Whether you’re a senior woman business owner, professional looking for a change, or a retiree looking to explore new passions, this show is for you.  Marilou will talk to inspiring individuals who have defied age stereotypes and accomplished incredible things in their personal and professional lives. They will also provide practical tips and advice for staying motivated, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your ambitions no matter your life stage.  Get ready to embrace your inner drive and unleash your full potential!  Let’s start the journey together!

Dr. Marilou Ryder is a university professor and author of the SISTER TO SISTER book series for women and girls. She is devoted to helping women to build an ageless future and unleash their ambitions, one conversation at a time.

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Mary Van Dorn 2023

Mary Van Dorn

Mary Van Dorn is your host for Fighting Sex Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation, a show that shines a light into the darkest corners of society to give hope to the innocent.  Mary will speak to local authorities to learn how they are rooting out sexual exploitation in their communities.  You’ll hear from those working on the front lines fighting for freedom in local communities and across the globe.

Mary is also your host of Heartfelt Horizons, a show highlighting remarkable efforts of non-profit organizations worldwide. From grassroots initiatives to global movements, she uncovers the creative and effective methods these organizations employ to make a difference in the lives of others.  She introduces you to the change-makers, visionaries, and trailblazers who are dedicated to making the world a better place, one non-profit at a time.

As the CEO, Founder of Speak Easy, Speak Bold, Mary mentors executive leaders to present at their absolute highest levels of influence and inspiration within their organizations and industries.

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2022 Noor Alramadan

Noor Alramadan

Noor Alramadan is your NextGen Radio host of Sharing College Experiences, a show that shares the diverse experiences many students face in attending college. Along with Noor’s personal experience of being a first-generation student at UC Berkeley, her guests share their own unique experiences to encapsulate the different stages of college from the admissions process to the last day of class and final exams. With each episode, guests will have the opportunity to share their personal journeys of achieving higher education and their goals.

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